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Dead Beat Shop is just the kind of filthy little hole in the wall that every metal and punk fan loves to walk into. The shop is run by the husband and wife team of Dzul Skam and Jill Girardi, along with our worker Victor the Metal Encyclopedia. Located in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia in the run down, semi-deserted and haunted Komtar Shopping Center, our shop sells t-shirts of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind, Classic Rock, Punk, Oi, Crust, Hardcover, Crossover and all other genres of extreme bands. We also sell accessories such as patches, badges/pins, posters/flags, baby clothes, messenger bags and hats as well as CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl and Stickers.

Our shirts are 100% new, original and imported. We stock everything from the major metal labels to the smallest and most obscure underground bands.

We pride ourselves on our fair prices, friendly and fast service and wide knowledge of underground music. Stop by the shop if you're in Penang or add us on Facebook where we often announce special sales and pre-orders.

Dead Beat is also a label, DEAD BEAT MEDIA, a small independent label which focuses mainly on death metal and grindcore. Dead Beat Media was actually formed in 2007 and was meant to be a horror soundtrack label. It had one release, Anima Morte's "Face the Sea of Darkness". The label closed in 2009 and has now been resurrected in its current incarnation. Current and future releases are planned with The Rotted (Nihilistic D-Beat Death Metal), Humanity Delete (Paranormal Death/Grind with punk influences), Vorgornus (Old school doom/death), Troglodyte (death metal freaks from Boggy Creek!), Humiliation/Warmaster split 7" (old school death metal, total Bolt Thrower worship on both sides!)

KANDAR MOSH DISTRO is Dzul Skam's label and, yes, distribution. This label is for releasing limited edition cassettes, CDs and 7 inches. Formed in 2007, KMD has a broader spectrum than the more focused Dead Beat Media. Dzul has released everything from hardcore to punk to d-beat, thrash and death metal. Some of the best releases include stuff by Dishammer, Machetazo, F.K.U., Rupture, Weot Skam, Agathocles, etc.


We also do a fanzine called SOYLENT ZINE (yes, the pages are made from 100% Recyclable humans). The first issue is out now and features interviews with: Fondlecorpse, Kam Lee, Possessed, Sorrow, Machetazo, Ruinebell, Hooded Menace, 62nd Chamber Productions, Stiff and Cold Zine, Tales From The Sick Zine, Rotgut, Nadir, Cauchemar, Bizarre Charlie Alien and Anima Morte plus columns, reviews, etc.

The cover art was done by Ironworx Gravefix and is a tribute to Fondlecorpse, one of the greatest Underground death metal bands of all times. It depicts the Goregnome sitting on a throne in the Jungle and surrounded by his army of Critters, Gremlins and all manner of new recruits from the Malaysian jungles!

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