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Rogga Johansson: Vocals, guitars, bass and drum programming
All music written and recorded by Rogga Johansson

NEVER ENDING NIGHTMARES Full Length CD - DEAD BEAT MEDIA (Release Date: December 4th, 2012)


Paranormal, Post-Apocalyptic Death Metal with Grind/Punk Influences!

HUMANITY DELETE was originally formed sometime around 2003 by Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer and many, many more). Some demo material was recorded but it was put aside for many years. In 2012, the band was resurrected from the dead, so to speak. Rogga single-handedly recorded 11 of the most preternatural, grinding, raw, dirty and ugly death metal tracks imaginable with a grind/punk approach. Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media), who has been living in Malaysia for about three years, was asked to write lyrics with the theme of Asian ghosts and creepy legends. Anyone who has read up on the ghost lore of Asia knows it is one of the most terrifyingly haunted regions of the earth. To make it even better, Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace, Phlegethon, Ruinebell) was recruited to add a few solos to the music, giving it an even rawer feeling! To quote Lasse, "Think 'Kerry King' with a bad hangover!'" The debut CD "Never Ending Nightmares" was completed and then mixed/mastered by the legendary Ronnie Björnström. Future HUMANITY DELETE albums will continue with the paranormal experiences while also adding post-apocalyptic themes into the mix for a killer combination!

DBM 004

Malaysia: rm20
World: $10 USD

Extreme metal’s most prolific artist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Revolting, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer, etc) has resurrected HUMANITY DELETE, the project he formed in 2003, and has completed debut album Never Ending Nightmares, which is targeted for a December 4th release on Dead Beat Media. Never Ending Nightmares is paranormal, post-apocalyptic Death Metal with Grind/Punk influences that will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks! The cover artwork was done by Adam Geyer, with inner artwork also by Adam Geyer, as well as Ironworx Gravefix and Dzul Skam. Never Ending Nightmares was recorded by Rogga Johansson and mixed/mastered by Ronnie Björnström.

HUMANITY DELETE is Rogga Johansson (vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, musical composition) with lyrics penned by Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media) and guest guitar solos from Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace). You are strongly advised to make sure that closet door is closed and to check under your bed before that play button is pushed!

4. NECROMANTIC SORCERY [watch] [listen] [lyrics]
5. THE JENGLOT [watch] [listen] [lyrics]
6. DISMAL CORRIDORS [listen][lyrics]
9. PONTIANAK PART I [lyrics] [listen]
10. THE EIGHT FIRE NARAKAS [watch] [listen] [lyrics]
12. PONTIANAK PART II [lyrics]

Rogga Johansson: Vocals, guitars, bass and drum programming
Music written and recorded by Rogga Johansson

Lyrics written by Jill Girardi
Guest Guitar solos by Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace)
Mixed/Mastered by Ronnie Björnström
Cover Art by Adam Geyer
Inside Artwork by Adam Geyer, Ironworx Gravefix
Logo by Dzul Skam
Layout by Silvester Koorevaar the Goregnome


Click the review site's name to read the full review on the original websites.

"..relentless in its stripped-down pursuit of diabolical riffs and eerie atmospheres. With lyrics penned by Dead Beat Media's Jill Girardi that focus on creepy tales of Asian ghosts and other paranormal horror, Never Ending Nightmares somehow crowbars a sense of ...the otherworldly into songs that proudly adhere to a strict diet of old-school death, raging hardcore punk and Repulsion-esque grind. Guitar solos from Hooded Menace's Lasse Pyykko certainly add an extra layer of spirit world sprite, too. Clocking in at a satisfyingly abrupt 27 minutes, this is a filler-free exercise in ultra-catchy unpleasantness: brutal filth fans will marvel at the consistency of intent and delivery within the vicious likes of Frozen Apparition and Dismal Corridors, as Rogga thrashes skillfully away, a man possessed." - from METAL HAMMER, review by Dom Lawson

".. [Rogga Johansson] clearly has a passion for the cacophony of the dead rising from their graves.. the horrific tandem of grinding sounds and blast beats can be heard in abundance on Black Oil Defiler and Dismal Corridors.. the grinding tone gets even nastier on "Resurrection Rites" and like a raging beast charging from the darkest depths, "Necromantic Sorcery" really hits home.. the middle section is deliriously hideous sounding and it's guaranteed to get the hair on the back of your neck standing upright!.. this debut release is like a rabid dog and teeming with a vicious assault.. there's plenty of bite to go around and Johansson is a one-man wrecking crew, probably demonically possessed by a Malaysian evil spirit to boot..." - from BLISTERING.COM, review by Kenneth Gallant

"..Steve Buscemi shoving a hacked-off leg down a woodchipper. For whatever reason, that image manifested itself in my head thirty seconds into Never Ending Nightmares.. grind-inflected death metal done with absolute precision..Napalm Death collides with Bolt Thrower on a Swedish steel bridge of sound.. and armed with a lyrical content that digs a little deeper than most.." - from WORM GEAR ZINE

"..another heart racing crushing Rogga release with terrifying lyrical content with a sound I have come to love an expect from such an artist of recent times.. and if you are of a suggestive mind, I wouldn't read the lyrics thoroughly.." - from AVENOCTUM ZINE

"..rhythm guitars range from slow, mid-paced to fast Swedish death metal riffs that utilize raw and primitive elements from grindcore and punk rock to create a sound of their own, while the lead guitars are very old school crust/punk style guitar solos and leads.. great sounding hybrid of death metal, grindcore and punk and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this band.." - from DOOM TO GRIND ZINE

"'s overwhelming how one person can be so talented and deliver something so complex that bands with 3-5 musicians couldn't even hold a flame to.. Humanity Delete is definitely a band worth looking out for!" - from XPLOSIVE METAL ZINE

".. Classic Swedish Death Metal with Grind, Crust and Punk elements, well played and with a clean production! .. every follower of Master Johansson, myself included.. will not be disappointed! .. for the lyrics [were written] by Jill Girardi.. who has lived for several years in Malaysia, and came up with beautiful horror stories from the numerous traditional Malaysian ghost tales.." [8/10] - from ROTTING HILL (Austria)

".. Abyssal Death with powerful deep growls and jerky riffs.. all cleverly interspersed with punk influences, grind with a groove sort of like the "Wolverine Blues" group that you all know by now.. a very Swedish Death Metal classic sauce.. the "Paranormal" is used only for the content of Girardi's lyrics, various myths and legends recounting horrific ghosts of Malays, Chinese or Japanese as those of Pontianak, a ghost woman with long black hair.. who was murdered.. (like The Grudge?).." - from

"...Just when you think you're safe and the beating has stopped, another song comes on and begins the onslaught all over again.. the music is crust death/thrash with a ton of blasts and hooks to keep you on the edge of your seat.. there are solos and leads throughout, gut-pulling vocals and a grindcore/crust aesthetic. This record would fit nicely beside Goatwhore, Dishammer, Ravencult and Disfear.." -from

"..Filthy, distorted death grind in the spirit of early Dismember and Massacre..."

"..[an] unholy collaboration between Sweden’s war master Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer and many, many more) on all instruments and lyrics by Dead Beat Media’s own Jill Girardi, with a special emphasis on Malaysian black magic and ghostly legends!.."

"..Formed as a project almost 10 years ago, I’m really glad Rogga has finally given this some light cos songs like ‘Black Oil Defiler (Orang Minyak)’, ‘Retribution of the Polong’ and ‘The Jenglot’ are superb examples of the genre at its best.."

"..from [Johansson's] guttural vocals to that vicious chainsaw guitar – an excellent closer to the end of the year.."

".. [Rogga Johansson] makes no compromises in his favorite genre.. immediately comes a Scandinavian mid-tempo number called "The Eight Ice Narakas" which clearly bears Rogga's hallmark.. pure-bred death metal with no frills, straight slaps to the face.. so incredibly cool.. [the track] "Frozen Apparition" is again a devastating wrecking ball that blows everything into the ground.." - from FFM-ROCK

".. The intro sets the tone and atmosphere: spooky horror-themed grindcore-meets-DIY-meets-OSDM as musical signposts.."

".. the themes and lyrics (with an explanation of the spirits / legends in [each song]) are interesting and a refreshing change from all the standard blood 'n' gore.." -

"..Never Ending Nightmares" is brilliant Swedish Death Metal for the heart. Groovy, punk, without paraphernalia brought to the point and with oldschool production, yet still sounds extremely fresh.." [5/6]- From ETERNITY MAGAZINE

"..The Swedish year begins with Rogga and ends the same way.. travels long distances through wonderfully primitve dirt and gravel.. the snotty, dirty [sound] stems from the use of Crust and Grind. This makes the piece differ from his usual creative [offerings].." [8/10] - From FATAL GRIND ZINE

".. The intro sets the tone and atmosphere: spooky horror-themed grindcore-meets-DIY-meets-OSDM as musical signposts.."

".. the themes and lyrics (with an explanation of the spirits / legends in [each song]) are interesting and a refreshing change from all the standard blood 'n' gore.." - From LORDS OF METAL EZINE

"..Never Ending Nightmares" is brilliant Swedish Death Metal for the heart. Groovy, punk, without paraphernalia brought to the point and with oldschool production, yet still sounds extremely fresh.." - From ETERNITY MAGAZINE

"...Each track has been crafted carefully and is driven by solid riffing and a vocal cadence worthy of a death metal beast. Johansson has proven himself to be a force time and time again, so it is no surprise that Humanity Delete is an exciting project..." - From WICKED CHANNEL

"..The guitar riffs are magical, the blast beats are as fat and violent as the woman ahead of you in line at boxing day.. no room for subtlety here, brutality plain and simple.. [the lyrics are] inspired by legends and ghosts laid down with frightening words that add intensity to the music.. like the movie version of The Grudge, but scarier.." - From BOULEVARD BRUTAL

"..reminiscent of Bloodbath and Facebreaker, Never Ending Nightmares features extremely distorted guitars giving them an almost chainsaw-like quality, which is fitting for Humanity Delete's brutal vocals..the wonderfully dark lyrics were provided by Jill Girardi, and focus on paranormal folk legends from all across Asia. In order to truly appreciate the writing on this album one would almost certainly have to do outside research into the subject of Asian ghost legends, and this is a level of depth that I rarely see in death metal.."

"..[Black Oil Defiler is] one of the better death metal songs I've ever heard, not just on this album, but ever.." - from ULTIMA MUSIC BLOG, Review by Jeremiah Nitzschke

"..[Rogga Johansson] is a living, breathing death metal juggernaut and a tribute to everything we’ve grown to love about the genre.. He’s a maestro of macabre and meaty riffs, menacing, old school growls and lyrics that remind of us why we love horror, yet eternally fear the dark.. This album’s really got a bit of something for everyone (everyone who loves old school death with massive slabs of grind combined into one unforgiving wall of sound, that is). The tone is absolutely rotten, the hooks are inescapable, and the horror seeps through your speakers like some poisonous fog. Plus, the grind element is much stronger on this release than any other Rogga Project.." - from WORMWOOD CHRONICLES, Review by Derelikt Waugh

"..Unlike [many other] projects, Humanity Delete has something going for it that differentiates itself; an identity. This is not yet another old-school death metal album. It is, but it's also a short, more focused, more punk and grind influenced album that does away with any pretension and spends the entire time ripping through songs. This is the band that's proverbially here to kick ass and take names.." - from BLOODY GOOD HORROR WEBZINE

"..Rogga Johansson is a restless man of the death metal scene, active for almost twenty years and continues to form new projects.. this album has a very classic Swedish sound, but with a more modern production.. this is pure no-frills death metal.. Special attraction: the presence of Lasse Pyykko of Hooded Menace (and former Phlegethon) as a guest on lead guitar.." - from THE NEW NOISE WEBZINE

"..The best thing about this album is the energy. I don’t know how many times I had to step back and collect myself so I didn’t break shit. Although it’s a drum machine, the blast beats get my adrenaline flowing. The production value goes a long way toward making all facets of sound clear and brutal at the same time.." [8/10] - from THE RAVENOUS MONSTER WEBZINE

And last but not in the slightest bit least, the GREAT video review from Fariz Nurshar's BRUTALDAATH Youtube Channel! Watch below!




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