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by JR Torina


Dave Ingram!

Now, for those new school kids who may not be "in the know" yet, tell us who you are and what you've done so far...

I'm Dave Ingram, an Englishman, married (wife & son) and living in Denmark. Former singer of both Benediction and Bolt Thrower, also of Downlord - a short-lived band from here in Denmark - and current host of 2 internet radio shows, namely Metal Breakfast Radio and Lambert's Basement. I'm also slowly constructing another musical project here with some friends (all hush hush for now) and, for my age, I am incredibly handsome & good-looking. I've got all my own hair, I'm a size 12 shoe, prefer boxers to tighty-whities, like a tipple now and again, and have to use the word "Plinge" at least once a day.

I. Tell me please how you got the gig in Benediction, and how that led to you becoming the vocalist for Bolt Thrower...

Blimey, that was a while ago. Now let's see….I was playing bass in a Punk band back in the late '80s/1990 and the singer was about to leave the UK for a 6 month trip around Europe. The night before he left we all went out to say farewell, and he got asked in the pub by Benediction if he'd like to audition as singer since Barney had just left. I told them he was leaving for 6 months, but I was interested. In the end, I got the gig. (Hell, I certainly did my homework for it!) Fast forward to May 4th 1998: I officially quit Benediction, but said I would play the 2 large shows that were already arranged. Once completed, I was done. Then just under 3 months later I received a phone call from Baz (Thomson, Bolt Thrower guitarist) asking me to join them. Who would've turned that offer down? Only a bloody idiot! I accepted, and was in the band until 2003. The only release I performed on was "Honour Valour Pride" but I had joined after the relatively recent release of their previous album "Mercenary", and throughout my tenure I toured multiple times with them. Great memories of my Bolt Thrower days.

II. Surely you have some crazy stories from the road that you're just dying to share, Dave? The famous herring and Dalek story, perhaps?

Actually, there are too many to even begin. Thing is, I'm currently writing my "tour tales & memoirs" so I'm going to keep most of these to myself until that comes out. Possible quick mentions are the disco ball which nearly killed me, or the nutjob who brought a starting pistol into a show and aimed it at me…or when I fell out of a dressing room and trapped a nerve in my shoulder. But that's without all the details….

III. How tired are you of people asking you about Jo Bench? :)

Jo who? ;)

IV. You host a radio show on the internet called "Lambert's Basement", and musically it's not much at all to do with metal. Can you tell us who is this "Lambert", and what is the show all about?

Lambert's Basement is a Big Band Jazz show, where myself and my co-host, a zombie goldfish named Igor (I'm not kidding) time travel via nostalgia to a golden age of music. "Lambert" is my Dad, Lawrence Albert Lambert Ingram, and it was him that got me into Big Band. What better way to honor him than to name the show after him? I miss the grumpy old sod.

V. Rumor has it that you've seen an episode or two of that British show, the one with the robots? Doctor Who, I think it's called?

One or two? How about all of them….and multiple times as well. Yes, I am a definite "Whovian" (a fan of Doctor Who) though personally I prefer being called a "Who-vert." Or sometimes a "Who-tard." It's a show that has been a part of my life since day one. Literally. I was born January 25th 1969 at 3pm UK, it was only a little over 2 hours later that an episode of Doctor Who was airing ("The Seeds Of Death" with Patrick Troughton) and my Mother got the family to haul the TV upstairs - I was born at home, by the way - so she could watch it. She was a fan too. Therefore my first "TV experience" was the good Doctor.

VI. Any other science fiction you enjoy? Star Trek, Red Dwarf, X-Files, Babylon 5?

I'm not too familiar with Babylon 5, but do like the others greatly! Also the "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie, which was more real than anything else. Having a good background and lust for science, I knew that space travel would be incredibly tough, as depicted in that wonderful film. Not like in most sci-fi these days. (Except Doctor Who, that doesn't count) ;) VII. So what do you think of metal these days? Is death metal and extreme metal truly dead? Not truly dead, it never will be. If anything it will move back to the underground scene, where it began, until it rears it's ugly Hydra-heads again. I've seen/heard a great evolution in music over the last 10 years, and that's exactly what always happens! Things change…why? Coz the record labels always want to sell some new products and continue in business. They, and the PR agents, are the ones who control the music industry, not the bands.

VIII. What is\was your opinion of the black metal scene, especially back in the '90's? It seemed as if they were in direct competition for the listeners of death metal, and won over quite a few. It seems like a lot of those bands have collapsed over the years, and the so-called "life" metal bands are still around...

Life Metal? WTF is that? That's new to me (am I showing my age here?) As for Black Metal, I was never a real fan, except maybe for Venom & Bathory - does that count? I find some of the music irritating, and more often as not they get their lyrical ideas all arse about face. But it seems to have been popular, so some idiots must have liked it.
(Editor- "Life Metal" was a derogatory name given to death metal by early black metallers, as they deemed their former DM heroes as no longer "true" or really about death after the advent of murder, arson and other crimes within the worldwide black metal scene.)

IX. Was there ever a time when you didn't feel like putting on a show, but went out there and did it anyway?

Never. Being in a band means if you've got a show to do then you get out there and do it. The only way a show should be cancelled is if one of the members of the band cannot physically perform. If there's any "Diva moments" from anyone then they deserve a good slapping down and told to get themselves out onstage to deliver the goods to the people who came out to see them.

X. Any words of advice for up and coming metal bands out there?

Don't give up your day job. Seriously, don't. If you can keep that AND continue your band then you can finance the difficult phase until you're getting plenty of paying gigs. If you've confidence in your music and ability then keep at it. Listen to your friends, not strangers, when they review your work (unless it's Metal Breakfast Radio, then we might think it's RUBBISH!)

XI. I think metal seems to be good and be bad in waves; seems as if you don't pay attention, it starts to get good again, but after a while, it starts to wane, regardless of the style, be it death, black, doom- your thoughts on this?

You know, I've been so out of it just listening to the old Metal bands I'm already into, plus the Big Band Jazz, and REALLY getting into Surf-Punk big time. You could list a few 'big' names right now and I'd be none-the-wiser. It's not that I went off Metal, not at all! I just saw the direction it was going in about 8 years ago and decided to have a bit of a break. Now I need to catch up, but in truth I can't be arsed. I'll like what I think is cool and that's good enough for me.

XII. Dave, tell us about some of your other interests. Any favorite authors, writers, movies, etc., you care to throw out?

Well, we've covered the SciFi (TV/Movies) but not the authors. I am a very big fan of Harry Harrison. Always loved his writing, especially his "Stainless Steel Rat" series. Anything to do with time travel is a favorite too, and some obscure stuff like Clifford D. Simak. Well, I consider it obscure…some may not. I like movies a lot, but nowadays they're nothing special. Alien/ Aliens and Blue Velvet are my favorites, for scaring the crap out of me for differing reasons. XIII. So how did the idea come about to have Benediction do a cover of The Accused's "Wrong Side of the Grave"?

I cannot remember for the life of me, but it was a Helluva lot of fun recording it! It got played live almost every show too, quite a crowd-pleaser as I recall.

XIV. What bands\ other types of music influenced you in your early years when getting into death metal?

Black Sabbath, Budgie, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Deep Purple (R.I.P. Jon Lord) were all big influences on my 'Heavy Metal head' and it moved on to thrash bands like Destruction and Kreator, then onwards to Celtic Frost, Venom, Voivod, and further to the extreme. Punk was a part of it all too, along with the Big Band of course. I've got very open tastes, and can listen to almost (almost!!) anything. Modern Pop, and Rap/Hi-Hop is denied, though I do like the first couple of De La Soul albums.

XV. What exactly is that status of Benediction and Bolt Thrower these days?
Both bands are still active - at least in a live/gigging sense - but I don't know anything about future releases. And, no…don't ask me anything about Bolt Thrower. Just go visit and you'll get the info there. Like Manuel from Fawlty Towers said…."I know nothing."

XVI. You're a huge Doctor WHO fan- do you have a preference of the old or new show? WHO is your favorite Doc? Favorite villain?

Favorite villain is easy. Daleks. I know, I know! It's such a cliche, but they were so sinister and interesting to me as a child, and I can't lose the love for them. I currently own around 50 of them (varying sizes, not full-size!) Favorite Doctor? Impossible…there's only ONE Doctor. Just he's been played by multiple actors ;)

XVII. We spoke of the music industry earlier- can you give your opinion on the current state of that industry, in relation to downloading music? Is it a friend or a foe, or perhaps is it something in between?

First and foremost, illegal downloading is just that- illegal! Does it harm the bands? No, I don’t believe so. Andy band worth their salt make their money via merchandise, not mechanical royalties. These royalties are a percentage of a percentage, so it’s pennies per sale, which is ridiculous. Don’t expect to cover your advance payments with that! doesn’t harm the bands, but maybe the labels. BUT the labels will always find ways to save money (For example: charging upcoming bands to join, go on tour, etc.) and they will also fin dnew genres and styles to manipulate and make money from. In the last 15 years, the industry had changed’s had to, to survive. I believe downloading music is a double-edge sword It IS illegal, but do people wnat to spend $20 on an album that contains just one hit (the radio-roation single and an additional 12 tracks of pure filler? No, they don’t and they won’t. Labels and musicians will evolve again, the same way they did when cassette tape-trading first began. Just keep in mind that the music business has a “law of the jungle’ mentality. If your band can’t stay on the vine then you’re going to fall and get eaten.

XVIII. Seriously, what have you done with the Spice Girls? Are they locked up in your TARDIS?

Baby Spice grew up, had 6 kids and now lives on welfare in Crewe. Ginger Spice went on such a radical diet and lost so much weight that no one has seen her for a long time. Scary Spice was revealed to be a transexual, which is why Eddie Murphy was sniffing around her. Sporty Spice now works in the UK's equivalent of K-Mart (called "Poundstretchers") and Posh Spice married a footballer, continues to be vacuous and is only a celebrity due to her constantly being in gossip magazines about her weight and/or tits going up and down in size. I think the next hat the Doctor wears should be one of the Spice Girl's heads. ("Spice Girl heads are cool" etc etc)

XIX. Do you have any plans, or desires, to return to the metal stage? What if the offer or just the time was right, with your old brummies in Bolt Thrower or Benediction, or even a new band?

As I mentioned before, I'm currently concocting a new project - along with guesting on multiple others - that may lead to a return to 'the stage' but more than likely low-key. I'm very happy with my internet shows (Metal Breakfast Radio gets some 3000 listeners a week) and my love of Big Band, and Lambert's Basement, will never go away. Yes, I'll do my own thing, but I don't ever consider a return to either of my previous bands. Why not move forwards instead? They continue to, and so will I. Self-advancement is key.

XX. What plans are there in the future for "Doctor" Dave Ingram?

Funny you should write that…my middle name is Richard, so my initials are D.R. Ingram. Also, as a child, I had a different surname which began with W.

No, I'm not revealing it.

Future plans? Well, if you mean today, then I'm going to record another episode of Metal Breakfast Radio and have a few beers. But as for the 'other' future, I want to indulge myself in life's experiences, live my life, love my wife (and son) and be around - and in contact with - the people that matter to me. They know who they are, because we correspond frequently. Musically I shall continue with my shows online, further the band project I have going with some friends here in Denmark, from an old Danish band (NOT M.Fate, before anyone bloody well asks!) and try and get my memoirs on paper/laptop before I forget it all. The thought of that happening makes me Plinge.

Thanks for your time, Dave! Close this thing out for us!

Thank you most kindly for the interview! Greetings to: Trille & Oliver, My brother Matt & his family, Donovan Spenceley, Bob Thunder, Thomas, Mads and all the usual suspects in Denmark. Those beyond the boundaries of Scandinavia (like Jo & Bolt Thrower, Joel & Shannon and David & Heather - and many more too numerous to mention) are also always in my thoughts. for details on my two shows. for gothic and punk clothing. for custom axes and wallet-badgering.
Chin Chin!

Thanks, Dave for your time, and may the Fendahl never find you. Grind on, brother!

Saving the best for last,
A recent pic of Dave, lookin' sharp!


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